Banner Etiquette

A “Banner Raid” is an old square dancing tradition, used to promote the visitation of square dancing clubs with each other.

For instance, if “Club A” has a sufficient number of dancers and visit “Club B”, Club A may “win or steal” Club B's visitation/traveling banner. Subsequently, Club B may (1) retrieve or recover their own club's traveling banner or (2) “steal” one of Club A's banners when it makes a visit with a sufficient number of members to Club A.

Visitation (or) Traveling Banner guidelines vary widely across the United States as well as within the Tualatin Valley Council (TVC). Also, not all TVC clubs participate in this tradition.

Therefore, the TVC recommends that all TVC clubs place a statement on their website informing visitors of their Traveling/Visitation Banner policy, so that this information is available to those interested. TVC also recommends that visiting clubs telephone or email the club-to-be-visited prior to their arrival, in order for the visited club to be prepared for the additional dancers coming.

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