2023 New Year's Eve Dance

Here are some photo collections for TVC New Year's Eve Dances:

2010 Oregon State Fair Exhibition

Several of the square dancers who participated in the exhibition dance at the Oregon State Fair.

L to R (back row) Rollie Seibert & Ruth Volz, Tom & Janice Sminia, Dania & Eric Mowry, Mary & John Withers, Debra Welch, Karen Ungerman & Brian Sullivan

(middle row) Don Layton & Rachel Nettleton, Garrett Hoerer & Dorothy Reed, Karen Steinka, Sylvia & Bob Duncan, Marci Yoder, Nancy Clark, Carolene Ginochio, Pat Bezodis, Sally Duyck

(front row) Alan Bezodis, Ferrous Steinka, Norm Yoder, Shelley & Brian Woodward, Mike Duyck

Clubs Represented: Eager Beavers, Hoedowners, Sunset Promenaders, Toe Draggers, TriSquares, and Valley Squares

2010 Summer Festival

The Hoedowners were awarded the Wood Award, the prize for having the “Most Members in Attendance at the Summer Festival” in Pendleton.

L to R (back row) Carol Gibbons & Tom Gilstrap, Bart Welch, John Withers

(middle row) Norm & Marci Yoder, Mary T. Withers, Debra Welch, Karen & Ferrous Steinka

(front row) Dan White, David Trout, Joyce White

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